Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Labs Renovates and Enlarges CBD Facilities

Golden, CO, August 8, 2019 – In May of 2018, Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Labs (“BBB Labs”) began renovating their Golden, CO manufacturing facilities, product development and quality labs, and administrative offices in preparation for a substantial increase in throughput in the hyper-growth hemp CBD market. Renovations on the 27,000 square foot facility were completed in the fourth quarter of 2018, and new, state-of-the-art equipment was installed including distillation and Isolation equipment,high-speed encapsulation and tableting equipment, capsule/tablet filling lines, liquid fill lines, and large-scale heated mixing tanks, kettles, blenders, and mills. In addition to the manufacturing scale-up, product development and quality testing labs were installed and outfitted with industry-leading equipment including HPLC. Following the manufacturing scale-up, In January of 2019 BBB Labs began renovating their Flatirons Fulfillment center, also located in Golden, CO, and completed the 46,000 sq. foot space in March allowing for more product to move through efficiently and affordably.


With more space and equipment than they had before, BBB Labs has scaled their batch size and capacity across liquid and dry filling by as much as 400%, while also increasing their line speeds by up to 700%.  Additionally, they have recently enhanced their emulsion capabilities so that they are able to scale topical products in batching while also enhancing their topical packaging capabilities to include tubes. This allows the exceptional production team at BBB Labs to not only meet client demands but to also exceed expectations.


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About Boulder Botanical and Bioscience Labs

BBB Labs was founded in 2015 by a team with over 25 years’ experience in Health & Wellness, and Nutraceuticals development and manufacturing. The company established itself as a professional, high-quality supplier of nutraceutical products, and rapidly became the supplier of choice for a variety of established companies with well-known brands selling on retail shelves across the United States. As the clinical evidence behind hemp and its therapeutic cannabinoids became more established, and hemp-derived cannabidiol was legalized in many states, and ultimately nationally through the 2018 Farm Act, BBB Labs expanded its product offerings into a multitude of categories in order to keep up with the demands of its established customer base, and emerging consumer needs. Over the last 3 years, BBB Labs has become a leading manufacturer of a wide range of quality and potency-assured CBD consumer products, and currently produces over 150 SKUs which are sold in thousands of stores across the US and Europe. Please visit:

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