Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Labs’ Hemp Seed Operations Approved

Golden, CO, August 13, 2019 – Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Labs (“BBB Labs”) has completed germination and purity testing on their seed which is a unique Hemp strains of high-yield CBD plants. They are now registered for seed sales with the Colorado Department of Agriculture (“CDA”) as seed labelers and farmer seed labelers. Additionally, they have a commodity handler’s license through the CDA, protecting the farmers they work with.

BBB Labs uses 3rd party facilities to validate purity and germination testing. Their seed germination and purity testing was completed with CSU. The seed was separated by gravity table for a more consistent germination rate per type of seed, thus a better ability to differentiate pricing structure for BBB Labs’ clients and consumers. Heavy seed germinates at a 95% rate, Mid seed germinates at 98%, and the light seed germinates at 54%, for which BBB Labs charges half-price. The flowers from the mother plants of these seeds tested at 16%. For more information please contact our sales department

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About Boulder Botanical and Bioscience Labs

BBB Labs was founded in 2015 by a team with over 25 years’ experience in Health & Wellness, and Nutraceuticals development and manufacturing. The company established itself as a professional, high-quality supplier of nutraceutical products, and rapidly became the supplier of choice for a variety of established companies with well-known brands selling on retail shelves across the United States. As the clinical evidence behind hemp and its therapeutic cannabinoids became more established, and hemp-derived cannabidiol was legalized in many states, and ultimately nationally through the 2018 Farm Act, BBB Labs expanded its product offerings into a multitude of categories in order to keep up with the demands of its established customer base, and emerging consumer needs. Over the last 3 years, BBB Labs has become a leading manufacturer of a wide range of quality and potency-assured CBD consumer products, and currently produces over 150 SKUs which are sold in thousands of stores across the US and Europe. Please visit:

Located in Fowler, CO, River Ranch Farms is a family trade. River Ranch Farm’s farmers complete all farming operations including propagating, planting, cultivating, fertilizing, managing males, and harvesting. They work side by side with the team at BBB Labs to ensure top quality and maximum harvest yield.

As they move from 2019 into 2020, BBB Labs intends to discontinue operations with River Ranch Farms and begin outsourcing farming operations to specific approved farms to keep up with the ever-growing demand for hemp-based health & wellness products.

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